Is Google wanting to see a Google-shaped web?

There is a huge debate swirling around the Google AMP over the past 5 years.  Proponents and detractors of the Google-centered mobile framework have positioned themselves with steadfast resolve.  The mobile news visibility on the search engine result pages were exclusively AMP sites until just last year, too much animosity. With the recent unredacted memos found through a recent antitrust lawsuit in Texas revealing inferred manipulation against advertising networks with the AMP framework, there’s a rekindling of the debate.  To AMP or NOT to AMP….that is the question.  And this is The SCRUM!

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  • [00:00:46] Introduction Barry Adams and Jono Alderson
  • [00:05:09] History of Google AMP
  • [00:06:26] When AMP was launched, it was flawed (Jono)
  • [00:09:20] Mobile is the primary source of traffic to news publishers (Barry)
  • [00:12:18] Google wanting to see a Google shaped web.
  • [00:13:21] Google is not overreaching (Jono)
  • [00:16:26] Is the lack of control of your website the currency to play in the Google Sandbox?
  • [00:18:34] Google is increasingly violating the social contract (Barry)
  • [00:19:07] The SCRUM 2 Title Sponsor:
  • [00:22:36] Was this just a money grab? 
  • [00:23:24] Google fumbling a product launch again (Jono)
  • [00:28:16] The surge of new, non-AMP visibility when Google removed AMP requirements for the news carousel.
  • [00:32:25] Google is helping business build performance driven sites (Jono)
  • [00:36:06] The slippery slope of Google’s content curation
  • [00:40:50] A model for content licensing?
  • [00:43:27] Lawsuits is the only language Google understands? (Barry)
  • [00:45:45] You can’t site on the sidelines and complain (Jono)
  • [00:51:19] The relationship with the SEO community is so combative (Jono)
  • [00:52:51] There have been some congressional hearings that were just cringe-worthy (Barry)