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  • Episode 474: News from January 24, 2022

474 | News from the EDGE | Week of 1.24.2022

By |January 25th, 2022|News, podcast|

Great stories from Henry Powderly of SEL, Roger Montti and Barry Schwartz. Make sure that you check out this week’s poll. Plus, we found our mission, after 10 years - SEO Bobbleheads!

452 | News from the EDGE | Week of 9.27.2021

By |September 27th, 2021|News, podcast|

George Nguyen of Search Engine Land joined Erin on the show this week to cover the news this week in Mordy’s absence.  We always love George’s take on the digital marketing fronts. This show focused on an article that PPC marketers need to pay very close attention to.  Check your [...]

  • EDGE 411 Featured Image of Carolyn Lyden

411 | Privacy & Inclusion with Carolyn Lyden of Search Engine Lan‪d‬

By |April 16th, 2021|Interview, podcast|

For episode 411 of the award-winning EDGE of the Web podcast we spoke with Carolyn Lyden, Director of Search Content at Search Engine Land as well as Third Door Media. Host Erin Sparks spoke with Carolyn about FLoC, zero-clicks and women in SEO. 00:04:00 FLoC, Google’s Federated Learning of Cohorts [...]