EDGE of the Web is a weekly, hour-long SEO and Digital Marketing podcast hosted by Erin Sparks from Site Strategics.

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EDGE of the Web is an award-winning weekly SEO and Digital Marketing Podcast

EDGE of the Web is a weekly hour-long digital marketing podcast discussing all things in Digital Marketing: SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing and more. Host Erin Sparks of Site Strategics discusses the latest news and trends in the digital marketing industry as well as interviews with some of the top names in marketing.

Upcoming Guests:

  • Darren Shaw
  • Devin Nash
  • Joe Martinez and Michelle Morgan
  • Eli Schwartz
  • Glenn Gabe


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2908, 2021

445 | Continued SEO Education and Personal Value with Kristina Azarenko

A Blended Mindset The John Mueller tweet can be considered a defining moment for technical SEOs and can be taken as a guiding star. The tweet said that all SEO tools would spit out recommendations, but most will not be relevant. You need to find the items that make sense [...]

2308, 2021

444 | News from the EDGE | Week of 8.23.2021

In this episode, of which the SERP Title is yet to be determined by Google, we have a special guest with us to interpret the hot mess of Title replacements by Google.  Lily Ray, Senior Director, SEO & Head of Organic Research at Amsive Digital reviews her recent article, her [...]

2008, 2021

443 | Dismantling SEO Perfectionism with Kristina Azarenko

Who is Kristina Azarenko? Kristina Azarenko is a talented SEO who mainly focuses on eCommerce and technical SEO. She founded MarketingSyrup Digital Inc. and helped small and medium-sized businesses gain more traffic. Kristina is an active part of the SEO community, offering online SEO courses to SEOs and non-SEOs. She [...]

1608, 2021

442 | News from the EDGE | Week of 8.16.2021

In this week’s news coverage, Erin Sparks and Mordy Oberstein are keeping an eye on Facebook and Google. Facebook is trying to work user privacy into their ads, ahead of regulatory worries. And, if you want your podcast featured on Google, you need to meet new requirements. [00:05:07] Podcasts featured [...]

1608, 2021

441 | Product Marketing in a Hyper-Sensitive Climate with JD Prater and Joe Martinez

  Prater & Martinez are back! This time around, we talk about brand perception shifts throughout the Pandemic, inclusive marketing and how audiences are way smarter than everyone thinks. [00:07:28] Examples that Joe and JD have seen of permanent brand perception and buying choice of consumers we’ve experienced through the [...]

1108, 2021

440 | News from the EDGE | Week of 8.9.2021

Erin and Mordy talk COVID and tech SEO. Proof of vaccination on Yelp, Google’s structured data testing tool is gone, potential rumblings of an unmentioned update on the 6th and a new Schema recommendation. There’s no slowdown for marketing opportunities or technical SEO in August; try to keep up! [00:03:31] [...]

808, 2021

439 | Fractional, Personal Marketing and the Changes in Consumer Privacy with JD Prater and Joe Martinez

We’re joined by two experts in this interview! JD Prater and Joe Martinez join us to discuss relationship-marketing, client fears and the hot, hot topic of data collection. Marketing is changing fast, and it’s time we start to unpack what the heck is going on. [00:07:00] What does JD and [...]

408, 2021

438 | News from the EDGE | Week of 8.2.2021

Erin Sparks chats with a stateside Mordy Oberstein, co-hosting from his hotel room. From Google Ads Editor, LinkedIn’s new acquisition to Wordpress and Universal Search, this week’s episode touches topics that affect all marketers—not just SEOs. [00:08:05] New version of Google Ads Editor brings Hotel ads and lead form extensions [...]

2807, 2021

437 | News from the EDGE | Week of 7.26.2021

Erin Sparks is back at the mic with Mordy Oberstein to tackle some recent developments in SEO from Google. Today’s news update covers the gamut—another unexpected algorithm update, a recommendation for redirects from Illyes and a new feature that tells end users why a page is ranking in their search [...]