How Will AI Impact the SEO Community Moving Forward?

Sara Taher returns for her second interview segment, this time discussing the necessary strategies SEO professionals need in order to adapt to AI. Erin and Sara explore the challenges facing the SEO channel, the impact of current events on the buyer journey, and the role of AI in content creation. From optimizing video assets to navigating the landscape of content creators, they provide insights and strategies to stay ahead SEO landscape.  Sara shares her tactical practices to stay informed in the ever adapting SEO industry. AI is barging into the SEO scene, we’re providing precisely what’s needed for you to maintain a competitive advantage on this episode of The EDGE!

  • [00:03:19] Introducing Sara Taher
  • [00:04:45] What Is The Future Of Entity SEO And It’s Role In Emerging Technologies?
  • [00:12:41] How Much Traffic Could You Lose When SGE Comes Into Play?
  • [00:14:40] EDGE of the Web Title Sponsor: Site Strategics
  • [00:15:25] Sara’s Thoughts On Use of AI Content
  • [00:19:27] Integrating AI Into Entity SEO
  • [00:23:35] What Kind of Sources Are There to Stay Heavily Informed in SEO?
  • [00:25:10] How Do You Balance Industry Changes With Long Term SEO Strategy?
  • [00:31:19] EDGE of the Web Sponsor: Wix
  • [00:31:59] What is Sara’s ‘Freestyle’ SEO?