One Thousand Points of Contextual Knowledge…

Crystal Carter joins the EDGE to school us on Visual Image Search. Fresh from the stage at the last MozCon, she brings her insights and expertise on visual search and AI. She delves into many of today’s examples and the future outlook of visual search, all based on real-world experiments and work. You have that and some best practices and considerations all here in the podcast. We explore some of the most important things to ponder in this Crystal Carter episode.

Let’s talk visual search… today on the EDGE!

Key Segments:

  • [00:03:45] A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words 
  • [00:04:37] An Evolution of Google’s Mobile First
  • [00:05:14] Image Search vs. Visual Search
  • [00:06:45] A Rich Tapestry of Contextual Queues
  • [00:11:31] Lyft and PBR. . . Oh My!
  • [00:18:02] EDGE of the Web Sponsor: Site Strategics
  • [00:13:35] AI, Visual Queues and Text Queries
  • [00:15:02] Vision AI
  • [00:16:23] Current Gaps and Biases
  • [00:18:16] Pinterest Statistics and Bing
  • [00:19:59] Rapper Xzibit and Amazon
  • [00:20:33] EDGE of the Web Title Sponsor:
  • [00:21:07] Google Lens and Ocular Character Recognition
  • [00:22:46] Some Takeaways for Marketers
  • [00:24:24] It’s the Brain of Understanding / The Hive Mind
  • [00:25:13] Images are Contextually Language-less
  • [00:28:15] Exploring Google Photos for Entities and Defining Gaps
  • [00:30:00] Real-World Applications to Consider
  • [00:34:06] Consistency is the Key